“Being the founder and managing director of Manchester’s G4 Physiotherapy & Fitness (Didsbury), it is a pleasure to work alongside Paul in an effort to not only solve clients lower limb Biomechanical issues, but also to assist with my biomechanical strains and soft tissue overload injuries often encountered with the high level and intensity of exercise that I have currently undertaken and continue to do to this present day.

Paul has successfully assisted and intervened from a podiatry point of view to resolve previous soft tissue overload injuries in the regions of my knees, shins and within my calf-Achilles complex.

Having a complete understanding of the reasons behind previous issues an being a firm believer in orthotic intervention, I would certainly advise upon seeing Paul for any spinal, pelvic or lower limb biomechanical problems to allow a full return to your favourite sports and activities.”

Glyn Forshaw (Managing director – G4 Physiotherapy & Fitness)

“I can’t count how many podiatrists I have consulted over the past 30 years. When my Physio suggested I should see Paul I was initially sceptical. I’ve now been treated by Paul for almost two years and have regained movement in my foot and am pain-free when I run. To be able to complete a marathon this year when an orthopaedic surgeon had said ‘you’ll never run a marathon’ was thanks to Paul.”

Georgina (keen club runner)

“After 3 years of trying to recover from knee problems and going through the whole remit of medical professionals, I was advised to see a sports podiatrist. I did some research and decided the best person for me would be Paul Johnson. I wasn’t disappointed.

I attended a consultation and the problems were quickly diagnosed. Paul was extremely knowledgable and explained both the condition and the reasons for it in a manner which was easy to understand. He was very approachable and also encouraged me to ask questions or contact him should I have any concerns.

Paul prescribed and made special insoles and the pain and discomfort have virtually disappeared. I am back at the gym and playing tennis for the first time in 5 years. I cannot thank or recommend Paul highly enough. I feel I finally have my sports life back.”

Diane (tennis player)

“For many years I have suffered from a severe ankle problem. Having previously sought private medical assistance when I was informed that I would need a triple fusion, I decided to bear the ongoing pain and suffering rather than undergo such drastic surgery. This I have done for many years. I was recently referred to Paul by my sports injury physiotherapist and whilst I did not hold any great expectation I must say that the improvement in my ankle condition has been beyond anything I could have expected. I would highly recommend Paul for his knowledge skill and expertise.”

Rob (ex professional ice hockey player)

“Following regular sessions with Paul over the past year, I am now able to run without ankle pain for the first time in 5 years. Paul brings a combination of treatments I was unable to find elsewhere: manufacture and adjustment of customised orthoses together with ongoing physiotherapy to ensure the orthoses work in harmony with the mechanical aspects of the treatment. All too often I had found these aspects of treatment had been provided by separate practitioners rather than the invaluable combination of both that Paul manages to bring.”

Jim (frustrated runner)

“I would like to compliment yourself on the detailed diagnosis I received and the significant improvement in my feet, legs and back due to the orthotics you prescribed. I have suffered many problems in the past five or six years with my bio mechanics and the effect these new orthotics has had has, to a point, changed my life. Walking, running and the gym, is now a pleasure again. Thank you very much and I would have no hesitation in recommending your practice to others.”

Chris (non athlete)

“After receiving some treatment for persistent shin pain I was referred to Paul, straight away he highlighted the problem after a few quick tests and explained what he could do to counter it, within a week I had the orthotics and along with continued treatment was able to carry on training whilst on the mend, a couple of months later a slightly different injury had occurred so after going back the problem was easily recognised, insoles were altered and back with me in a couple of days! Now training without any problems, service was quick very helpful and would advise anyone to go see Paul for any injury problem…great at his job and always happy to help!”

Chelsea (Manchester City Ladies FC)

“I was initially recommended Paul’s services over ten years ago and have consulted him on a regular basis for both acute injuries and the prevention of recurring symptoms through the prescription of orthotics.

Paul was very highly recommended and I was aware he worked with various high profile sports people and clubs. It was apparent from the treatment I received and continue to receive why he was so highly recommended.

I play amateur sport to a national level and still represent my county. Paul provides a very professional level of service and due to his experience and knowledge across the full range of sports and disciplines he is able to provide specialised advice and tailored prescriptions for whatever the issue may be.

Paul is also concerned about the ongoing care of his patients and will often contact me for feedback on my latest orthotics and check and monitor my progress in terms of rehabilitation. Paul will also make recommendations and review prescriptions for prevention purposes which is vital in maintaining fitness in high impact sports where acute injuries and wear and tear are so commonplace.

Through Paul’s advice, assistance and expertise, I have been able to deal with any injuries quickly and efficiently and continue to minimise risk of future injuries with his support.”

Tim (National badminton player).

“I took my son to see Paul after he was reommended by a family friend. My boy who is a keen footballer was complaining of pain in both his heels. Paul quickly diagnosed the problem and with some exercises and insoles, my son was pain free and playing again in 3 weeks.”

Jan (concerned mum)