Mobilisation and Manipulation

Traditionally the forte of physiothepists, Paul is qualified to provide direct mobilisation and manipulation of the joints and soft tissues of the lower leg and foot. As a podiatrist Paul feels that this is invaluable to provide both the athlete and non athlete with a holistic approach to treatment of both acute and chronic issues affecting his clients from the knee down.

Joint mobilisation

Joint mobilisation is a manual therapy intervention, a type of passive movement of skeletal joints within the foot and ankle complex. Mobilisation using the latest techniques can rapidly improve injury healing times and also provide relief from pain in the foot and ankle.

Many people suffer from functional problems because the joints within the foot are not working correctly. Often 2-3 mobilisation sessions can enhance function and improve biomechanics.

Soft tissue mobilisation and manipulation

There are also lots of soft tissue structures around and within the foot and ankle that can benefit from direct soft tissue manipulation. This can help with pain relief and also speed up recovery. Paul can work with the soft tissues in the foot to help with injuries such as plantar fasciitis, achilles tendinosis and posterior tibial tendon dysfunction.