Advice and Education

“Through Paul’s advice, assistance and expertise, I have been able to deal with any injuries quickly and efficiently and continue to minimise risk of future injuries with his support.”
Tim (National badminton player).

Sometimes simple advice can make massive differences not only to performance but also to prevention of injury. There are many opinions on the world wide web, particularly on forums that can be confusing at best and misleading at worst.

Sports specific advice

Whether an athlete wants advice on footwear, the latest running technique, the best way to stretch and a whole host of other things, Paul is here  to help. He has many years experience working with professional athletes so he can utilise the knowledge gained to advise the amateur athlete.

Advice to help with rehabilitation

As part of the consultation Paul will examine footwear used in sport and dynamically asses the suitability of the clients shoes.. He will also assess primary muscle groups from the hip down. This will allow him to both advise on appropriate footwear and also relevant muscle stretching/ strengthening exercises.

Non athlete advice

Its not just athletes that need advice. Non athletes are often confused about the best way to help with their problems. Paul will answer any questions and offer advice, both during the consultation and via email afterwards.

Children specific advice

Children are not just little adults. They have unique requirements that need to be addressed and understood by both parents and trainers alike. Paul can give advice on issues that affect children and how to prevent problems from occurring in the first place.