Paul uses electrotherapy to help with the following;

Athletic injury


Periods of inactivity, for example after being unable to move for a while due to an injury, muscles lose strength an quality. Electrotherapy can be used to speed up return to sport

Intrinsic muscle weakness

Often muscles within the foot and ankle are weak due to wearing shoes. This intrinsic muscles often “switch off” and try as they might, the client cannot physically activate the small muscles within the foot which are needed for efficient gait. Targeting specific muscle groups can re activate the muscles. The client gets feedback on what it feels like

Acute pain relief

Being able to combine muscular stimulation with pain relief treatment, helps with the pain injury can bring and aid quick recovery

Non athletic issues

Chronic pain relief

Non athletes often suffer with chronic pain within the foot and ankle caused by mechanical dysfunction. Electrotherapy can help

Muscle weakness caused by illness

Certain medical issues such as stroke or brain injury can cause lower limb muscle weakness . Electrotherapy in the form of electro stimulation can improve strength and function.

Circulatory problems

This can range from the feeling of heavy legs to arterial insufficiency which often reduces the walking range of the individual due to pain. Electrotherapy can improve walking distances.