Many attempts have been made to clarify the three-dimensional motion that occurs in the foot upon contact with the ground when running. Despite this, there is still a tremendous amount of confusion about how the foot and leg function together and how their movement affects our running.

The term biomechanics refers to the way our muscles, bones, and joints work together as we move. When applied to the lower limb, we focus on the biomechanics of impact absorption and propulsion.

Video Of Running Gait Cycle

In the basic gait cycle the movements are divided into the times when the foot is on the ground (the stance phase which takes up 62% of the full gait cycle) and when the foot is off the ground (the swing phase which takes up the remaining 38% of one full gait cycle).


The stance phase of gait can divided into

  • Heel strike
  • Midtsance
  • Toe off

The Planes Of Motion Of The Foot Explained

This video will give the athlete more of an understanding of the planes of motion within the foot when partaking in activity.