Fees and Appointment times Sports Podiatry

Initial musculo skeletal consultation with video gait analysis

Full examination weight bearing and non weight bearing

Includes dynamic gait analysis using RS scan system

Observational video gait analysis (treadmill and dynamic) – £85 (Appt duration 45 mins)

Initial Consultation Under 18 (as above): £65 (Appt duration 45 mins)

Initial consultaion 10 and under: £45 (Appt duration 30 mins)

Fitting appointments orthotics: £30 plus orthotics cost. (Appt duration 15 mins)

Post orthotic review (usually 6 weeks after fitting): £30 (Appt duration 15 mins)

Review appointments includes abridged reassesment: £45 (Appt duration 30 mins *)

Advice Appointment none biomechanical assessment Adult: £45 (Appt duration 30 mins)

Orthotics Functional Adult £110 includes free alteration

Orthotics functional Under 18 £100 includes free alteration

Orthotics Functional Under 10 £50 includes free alteration

Semi functional insoles £45

Simple insoles £30

*for patients who have seen me before in previous years and have asked to see me again.

Manual therapy appointment – £30

Electrotherapy appointment – £40

Review appointments – £30

Due to increased repeat cancellations none attendance not cancelled within 24 hours we reserve the right to charge a £30 fee. This will not be chargeable unless happens 2 or more times.

Payment methods

We accept all major credit and debit cards, as well as cash and cheque.

When to pay

All fees are to be paid on the day of your visit, including patients with medical insurance unless a pre-authorisation number is provided prior to the consultation. A receipt will be issued to allow you to re-claim this from your insurer. Although payment is covered by the insurance company, you are responsible for all costs fee incurred. Payment is accepted by cash/cheque/debit/credit card


A cancellation period of 24 hours is necessary to avoid a charge.

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