Do you only treat sports people?

No we work with many different clients as we specialise in treating all manner of lower limb problems of a persistent nature. Our background in working with high end athletes means we have the latest techniques at our disposal to help with our patients issues.

What experience do you have treating lower limb injury?

Our clinician has over 18 years experience assessing, diagnosis and treating musculo skeletal lower limb pathology, 12 years of which at consultant level in the NHS. Paul also works with some of the best sporting clubs in the country.

Do you offer computerised gait analysis?

At all our clinics we utilise the latest computerised dynamic & video gait analysis systems to help in assessment and treatment .

Do you prescribe carbon fibre casted orthotics?

The simple answer is no, we do not use carbon fibre, as whilst it provides excellent functional support, its our opinion that it does not compliment the shock absorbing qualities of the sports shoes that the athlete wears. Its no accident that the major running and sport shoe manufacturers put any rigid components as far away from the athletes foot as possible (at the very bottom of the shoe).

Do you take impressions to make your orthotics?

Due to the computerised systems that we use, this in not necessary. All information required is gathered by computer, including measurements and a ‘virtual cast’ of the foot.