Non Athletic Assesment

The fact that Paul treats a lot of athletes at many levels means that he can use his skills to also help the non athlete with lower limb pain and foot & ankle problems.

No matter what your age or medical issues , Paul can use his expertise to get to the root cause of any problems you are having.

Many of our clients suffer from , ankle pain, foot pain, poor circulation, diabetic pain, poor mobility and knee, hip and back issues.

We find that the vast majority of our non athletic clients benefit from our treatments, reducing pain and aiding in mobility and function. Paul aimis to make you as comfortable as possible, so you can enjoy your daily activities, whether it’s walking the dog or just getting out of the house without pain.

A lot of our clients have had persistent problems for years and have sought other professional opinions without success.

“I would like to compliment yourself on the detailed diagnosis I received and the significant improvement in my feet, legs and back due to the orthotics you prescribed. I have suffered many problems in the past five or six years with my bio mechanics and the effect these new orthotics has had has, to a point, changed my life. Walking, running and the gym, is now a pleasure again. Thank you very much and I would have no hesitation in recommending your practice to others.”
Chris (non athlete)

Paul gets a great deal of satisfaction, getting these individuals back to daily their chosen daily activity.

Detailed history

Paul feels that an accurate, detailed history of your problems is the key to a proper diagnosis and subsequent successful treatment. Non athletes may have specific medical problems and issues that need to be taken into account prior to treatment.

Many of the clients issues can be ascertained just by the history alone. This is not an easy thing to do but Paul has over 18 years experience working with lower limb musculo skeletal problems and has treated thousands of patients.

Biomechanical assessment

Paul will examine you standing and sitting, checking all the major joint complexes of the foot, ankle, knee and hip as well as using the latest screening processes to evaluate muscle strength and flexibility from the hip down. Paul tailors his assessments dependent on the individuals ability and flexibility.

Computerised dynamic and video gait analysis

At Manchester sports podiatry we utilise the latest computerised and video gait analysis techniques to aid in assessment and treatment of our clients. If clients struggle with mobility Paul will video clients walking backwards and forwards, We will not ask you to walk on a treadmill if you are not comfortable doing so. More info->

How we treat in detail

Paul treats his non athletic clients in a number of ways;

Bespoke orthotics

Non athletic clients often benefit from bespoke orthotics. These can be manufactured to fit in virtually any shoe but we will advise you on the best footwear to aid in mobility and those which will allow you to continue with your chosen activities

We produce all our bespoke orthotics in house . We use a combination of assessment data, dynamic computerised information and video analysis to produce orthotics in our own manufacturing facility. The orthotics are made for each individual, personally by Paul.

Alteration of these orthotics is easy and the prescription can be ‘tweaked’ by Paul, dependent on the feedback from the athlete . With our bespoke orthotics, you are charged a flat fee. If the orthotics are not right for any reason we will alter the prescription free of charge. The fact that Paul makes his own orthotics means that he can offer this service substantially cheaper than using external orthotics manufacturers. More info->

Rehabilitation exercises & strengthening

Paul will provide you with a personalised stretching and strengthening regime that targets specific muscle groups to improve biomechanical performance and aid mobility.

Mobilisation and manipulation

Paul is trained in the traditional physiotherapy techniques of joint and soft tissue mobilisation and manipulation. As a podiatrist he uses these techniques to improve foot & ankle function. Stiffness and lack of use of muscles within the foot can be a serious issue for the none athlete. More info->


Paul uses the latest compex electrotherapy systems which can improve pain in the legs and feet. The system has specific programmes which can help with muscle atrophy, poor circulation and pain relief . More info->

Footwear advice and education

Wearing the correct hoe when undertaking daily activity is paramount. The are a wealth of different types of footwear out on the market today and some are better than others. Paul will offer impartial advice on the correct footwear needed for the patient to comfortably undertake their chosen level of activity. More info->