Injury Treatment

Injury treatment of the lower limb

As a sports podiatrist, Paul specialises  in the treatment and prevention of injury of the foot and ankle. Paul will treat, identify and address the mechanism of injury. This is a major benefit for the client as it reduces the chance of further problems.


Paul combines his knowledge of the underlying mechanism of injury and his vast experience of treating both acute and chronic injury of the foot and ankle to speed up recovery.   Using the latest evidence based techniques such  mobilisation/ manipulation, electrotherapy , or traditional techniques such as taping and strapping, Paul can directly treat the injury and reduce the time the client is away from their chosen sport.

Injury prevention

Most overuse injuries are caused by known factors such as over training, weak muscle groups, poor biomechanics and inappropriate footwear . Being able to identify the mechanism of injury is key to minimising the chance of further injury in the future.